During the World Police Summit 2024, the K9 International Conference will feature ten expert presentations from police leaders around the globe, focusing on the use and challenges of police dogs in search and rescue missions, especially during natural and man-made disasters.

The K9 Conference is one of the seven conferences during the summit organised by Dubai Police from 5th to 7th March, and its discussions will also extend to the health issues that impact the operational capabilities of these dogs.

The conference's agenda includes exploring the latest techniques in deploying police dogs for search and rescue efforts. Prominent speakers, including Alois Balog, President of International Search and Rescue Dog, and Alexander Hoenel, Deputy Head of Deployment - International Rescue Dog Association, will share insights into the critical role of these dogs in rescue missions.

In addition to rescue operations, the conference will delve into health and medical topics concerning police dogs, such as gastrointestinal diseases, diagnostic endoscopy, common digestive issues, stomach ailments, medical and surgical treatments, blood detection technologies, and dietary needs for field-working dogs.

The event will also highlight innovative approaches to utilising police dogs to address security challenges of the 21st century and share the latest training methodologies in the police dog sector, drawing on experiences from India and other international examples.

Lieutenant Colonel Salah Al Mazrouei, Director of the Dubai Police Security Inspection Department K9, stressed the significance of the K9 Conference within the summit. He underscored its unique and critical contribution to both security aspects and search and rescue operations, which greatly enhance the safety and security of communities by aiding in crime detection.

The conference aims to showcase the key challenges facing this field, improve the efficiency of police dogs in line with international standards, encourage the exchange of knowledge and scientific expertise globally, and foster discussions on overcoming obstacles and setting standards for the training of police dogs. This, in turn, promotes effective communication and innovative scientific and technical exchange among trainers and experts.

Lt. Col. Al Mazrouei also highlighted the indispensable role of police dogs in law enforcement, from security checks and enhancing overall safety to detecting drugs, searching for missing individuals, and other vital security duties. He emphasised that K9 units are fundamental partners in global crime prevention, supporting law enforcement agencies worldwide in their quest for excellence in evidence gathering and detecting banned substances such as narcotics and explosives.