There has been a surge in incidents where scammers impersonate officials from government agencies to dupe the public. Abu Dhabi police warned UAE residents about increased fraudulent calls and counterfeit websites.

Scammers employ deceptive text messages that imitate government institutions and officials that aim to deceive or lure individuals. According to Abu Dhabi Police, these messages offer enticing but fake services and incentives, purportedly in collaboration with government entities through their official websites or email.

The police emphasised the need for vigilance, as scammers employ new deceptive tactics, manipulating victims into disclosing their banking information. Once this information is obtained, scammers use the data to carry out online theft withdrawals, causing substantial financial loss.

Authorities are urging the public to exercise caution, advising against clicking on suspicious links and refraining from sharing confidential information. They highlight that authentic bank employees will never request sensitive details such as account information, card details, passwords, or personal identification numbers.

Individuals are advised to activate reliable anti-malware software to ensure protection against harmful websites containing electronic codes targeting personal savings. Additionally, the public is advised to resist falling for false temptations and refrain from engaging with deceptive offers.

In the event of fraud, Abu Dhabi Police urged individuals to report suspicious communications immediately, either by visiting the nearest police station or contacting their security service hotline at 8002626. They can also send a text message to 2828 to aid police efforts in combating these fraudulent activities and safeguarding the community.

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