DOHA: The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has renewed its call to citizens and residents to report incidents of begging in the country, stressing that begging is against the law in Qatar.

Several images and videos have been shared on the Ministry's social media accounts to increase awareness of the illegality of begging, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to MoI's post, "begging is a bad habit and uncivilized behaviour rejected by religion and society," and it urges people to report such incidents if they see them on the streets of Qatar.

The Ministry said that begging becomes more prevalent during Ramadan and has reminded the public that any kind of Zakat or donation should be made only through approved charitable organizations, who are permitted to distribute them to the most deserving sectors of the community.

A few years ago, the Ministry's effort to apprehend beggars during Ramadan resulted in the detention of 67 persons.

Throughout the holy month, the Anti-Begging Section of the Criminal Investigation Department conducts drives to round up beggars who prey on people's compassion in order to defraud them, serving as a warning to others not to engage in a such reprehensible activity.

To "contribute to the Ministry's fight against begging", contact the Anti-begging section at 33618627 / 2347444, or report via the Metrash2 app.

Qatar’s Article 1 of Law No. 28 of 2006 states that: "Whoever begs in roads or public places, leads or encourages minors to beg shall be punished with imprisonment for a term up to one year. Or, in lieu of the said penalty, the beggar can be housed in one of the correction facilities made for this purpose. In all cases, the money resulting from the offence shall be confiscated and a judgment of the stipulated penalty issued."

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