Dubai Police have cracked a heist of Dh 1 million. A team of experts led by Captain Hamdan Ahli uncovered the mystery behind the theft and exposed the mastermind behind it.

The heist began with a company in Dubai reporting the loss of Dh1 million from its safe, as reported by Al Bayan Arabic newspaper. Investigative and forensic teams were deployed to the scene, where they discovered a shocking story of four employees that had been held hostage.

As per the report, the accused entered from the main entrance of the company premises and assaulted the employees before cuffing their hands with plastic handcuffs. The fourth employee was made to empty the company’s safe and fill the bags.

Captain Hamdan pointed out that as soon as the gang left the crime scene, the fourth employee freed his colleagues and informed Dubai Police.

The team began investigations from the door that the accused had entered from, where they noticed shoe prints. The accused had kicked the door in, leaving their shoe marks behind.

The team also examined the plastic handcuffs thrown at the crime scene and observed that they had been cut with a sharp tool. However, this tool was not found near the plastic handcuffs. The tool was assumed to be a pair of scissors which was later found hidden in one of the drawers.

Further analysis revealed that the shoe print on the door matched that of the fourth employee, who later confessed to the heist, saying he was the main mastermind behind it. He convinced his colleagues to participate, all while diverting suspicion from himself by alerting the police about the crime.

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