ABU DHABI - The National Guard Command and Rabdan Academy have signed an MoU to strengthen cooperation in the academic, research and training fields related to safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management domain.

The signing took place at the National Guard Command and was witnessed by Staff Major General Salem Saeed Ghafan Al Jaberi, Commander of the National Guard, and James Morse, President of Rabdan Academy, along with representatives from both parties.

Al Jaberi stated that the signing of the memorandum aligns with ongoing endeavours to advance professional academic qualifications, training, and scientific collaboration, aiming to realize strategic objectives and aspirations.

Morse expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating closely with the National Guard Command to maximise the benefits of this significant strategic partnership. He emphasised the importance of promoting joint academic and research cooperation and producing outcomes that align with their future aspirations and desired goals.

This agreement will facilitate the development of a joint training framework that promotes the exchange of experiences, technologies, and services for qualifying individuals and institutions following international best practices and standards. Additionally, it will create specialised academic and professional programmes in defence, security, business continuity, emergency management, and other relevant fields.

Furthermore, this collaboration will encourage the exchange of expertise and experiences in academia, research and training. It will contribute to developing academic and professional programs, joint research projects, as well as providing technical and advisory services and exchanging relevant information.

Overall, this strategic agreement will serve as a comprehensive framework to leverage the capabilities and expertise of both parties in the field of qualification and training.