Employment opportunities and salaries in the UAE’s cryptocurrency sector are among the highest in the world, making the Gulf state one of the biggest markets for those seeking a career in the digital currency space, according to new research by London-based CoinJournal. 

The UAE has 137 crypto career listings or 14.51 jobs per one million people, which is the ninth highest globally, the research showed. There are more crypto-related jobs in the UAE than in other markets like Australia, Canada, France or Germany. 

When it comes to salaries, pay scales in the UAE are also among the most attractive, with annual pay packets averaging $132,000, the fourth highest in the world. Crypto-related salaries in the country have outranked those in many countries, including the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Portugal, Hong Kong and Egypt. 

Overall, Singapore has the highest number of crypto career listings at 159.14 jobs per a million people, almost three times as many as any other country.

The research also revealed that there are more crypto-related jobs in the US and UK than in other countries worldwide. The data indicated that there are currently 5,700 crypto-related jobs in the United States, while the United Kingdom has 1,062. 

Top jobs


As for popular jobs in the crypto space, positions like lead developer, senior developer and smart contract developer have the highest average salary, with an annual pay packet of $120,000.

The University of California has produced the most blockchain business leaders, with as many as 13 being counted among its alumni.

Computer science is the most popular course among blockchain business leaders, accounting for 24.55% of all subjects studied, the research showed.  

(Editing by Cleofe Maceda; Cleofe.maceda@lseg.com