Naseej, one of the leading real estate development companies in Bahrain, has announces a Bahrainisation rate of approximately 90% in 2023, achieving an increase of 11% in three years.

Backed by a highly qualified and professional workforce, Naseej continues to play a leading role in the real estate and development sector, said a statement from the company.

Since its inception in 2010, Naseej’s human capital consisting of Bahraini competencies constitute the majority of the company’s executive and management positions with a continuous effort to recruit and develop Bahraini nationals within the organisational structure.

CEO Amin Al Arrayed said: "The strategic vision of Naseej aims to develop its human capital and invest in its treasured Bahraini competencies. We are also proud of the great reputation earned by Bahrain due to its business friendly environment, which is a result of the qualified and skilled Bahraini workforce."

"The kingdom has succeeded in building a solid foundation for the prosperity of the business community as well as attracting local and foreign direct investment. On this occasion, we stress the importance of human capital as the most valuable asset in all institutions," he stated.

Al Arrayed said: "Naseej’s strategy is primarily based on developing its human capital, which is integral to the company’s prosperity and the growth of the national economy. The company is always keen to employ national competencies, train them, and invest in Bahraini youth who have proven their sincerity and dedication in various fields of work."

"As the kingdom celebrates Bahrain Youth Day on March 25 each year, we are proud of the presence of capable youth in all company departments who aspire to lead change for the better and adopt the best innovative practices to improve the company’s financial and operational performance," he noted.

Amer Mohammed Janahi, the head of human resources and administration affairs at Naseej, said: "Naseej is proud to be one of the leading Bahraini companies in terms of Bahrainisation, providing superior job opportunities for qualified Bahraini talent, which has currently reached 90%."

After recording a Bahrainisation rate of 81% in 2020, the company aspired to record a growth of 4% to reach 85% Bahrainisation within three years.

"However, the company exceeded this goal by recording 90% Bahrainisation this year, which comes in line with the company’s institutional human resources strategy to localise the jobs available in the company," he noted.

Janahi said Naseej was always on the lookout for Bahraini talents with good experience and high qualifications.

"The administration also supports the training and qualification of all staff and work teams, in addition to supporting employees wishing to obtain professional qualifications by covering the full expense," he stated.

Janahi said: "As part of its corporate strategy, Naseej believes in the importance of producing a promising generation that contributes to the advancement of the real estate development sector."

"In co-operation with University of Bahrain and other universities, the company is keen to provide opportunities for graduates and students to benefit from a training period in various company departments, including financial affairs, project management, investments, construction, marketing, sales, and interior design, enabling them to acquire the necessary skills to enter the labour market with high professionalism," he stated.

"Naseej provides an ideal working environment for Bahraini competencies in the real estate development sector, which inspires their loyalty towards serving the company’s goals for many years. Numerous employees still work for the company since its establishment in 2010," he added.

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