In coordination with the UAE Prime Minister's Office, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) held a special workshop on "Zero Government Bureaucracy Program”, which was recently launched by the UAE government, aiming to raise the levels of government efficiency, quality and flexibility, in a new phase of government work.

The workshop, which was held at FAHR's headquarters in Dubai, were participated by Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Director-General of FAHR; Ibrahim Ahmed Fikri, CEO of Support Services Sector and Head of FAHR's Zero Bureaucracy Team, CEOs, Directors of Departments, Members of FAHR's Zero Bureaucracy Team, and a representative from the Office of the Prime Minister, who in turn reviewed the details of the Program, its axes, the procedures and requirements associated with it, the scope of its application, its impact at all levels, the criteria for evaluating the extent of government agencies’ commitment, and the evaluation stages, leading to the announcement of the results and honours.

In her speech, Laila Al Suwaidi stressed the importance of Zero Government Bureaucracy in serving the UAE government’s directions towards global leadership and competitiveness, as it is a national business model set for reaching simpler, quicker, easier and more efficient government procedures. It shortens and simplifies government procedures, makes it easier for customers, and increases the levels of service provided to them.

Ibrahim Fikri assured that FAHR has begun its first steps towards Zero Bureaucracy, at all levels, to include (services, systems, policies, initiatives and projects...etc.). FAHR formed a team which represents all sectors and departments, concerns itself with studying the current situation, develops plans, follows-up the process of implementing the ZGB Program.

Hesham Amiri, UAE Government Service Advisor in the Office of Prime Minister, reviewed the ZGB Program's axes and the scope of its application, considering it an important milestone in the UAE’s experience to improve the customer experience, eliminate unnecessary burdens and procedures, and create an extraordinary leap in the governmental procedures. It is also a link in a series of vital initiatives launched across the UAE recently. What is important in this Program is that it provides an opportunity to listen to the customer’s voice, treat the challenges he/she faces, and consider his feedbacks and think about services in a new way.

The ZGB Program seeks to simplify and reduce government procedures and eliminate redundant procedures and requirements. Ministries and government entities are tasked with the immediate implementation of the Program, which includes cancelling a minimum of 2,000 government procedures, reducing at least 50 percent of the time periods for procedures, and zeroing all unnecessary conditions and requirements within one year. The results of the work will be evaluated and the best achievements will be celebrated by the end of the year 2024.

Aiming to bolster the effectiveness of government procedures from ministries and federal entities, the ZGB Program will strive to enhance the UAE’s leadership and its standing in global competitiveness rankings in terms of government efficiency and minimal bureaucracy.