While the UAE and Saudi Arabia emerged as the top destinations preferred by young Indian travellers, the US and Canada remain considerably untapped destinations for them, said a new report by FINN Partners.

#FutureofTravel report, ‘Impulse and affluence: Understanding spend trends among India's young globetrotters’ revealed how India’s under-35 globetrotters are reshaping the travel industry with new spending patterns.

These young adventurers are not just ready to explore the world—they are redefining what travel means, it said.

Driven by impulsiveness, a readiness to splurge, and a quest for unique, immersive experiences, they are emerging as a powerful influence in the global travel market, according to the report that revealed that 90% respondents indicated they have embarked on spontaneous travel.

The report delved into the spending behaviours of over 1,000+ Indian travellers, providing a detailed look at their preferences—from luxury accommodations and premium air travel to wellness and activities.

This comprehensive study forecast emerging trends and shine a light on the opportunities for businesses in travel, hospitality, and fintech to innovate and tailor their offerings.

“India’s burgeoning economy not only fuels its own growth but propels its citizens into the global wanderlust,” said Shivani Gupta, Managing Partner, FINN Partners, India.

“As prosperity rises, so does the desire to explore. With a fast-growing economy as its engine, India has emerged as a significant contributor to the global leisure travel landscape.

“It is not just a leisure activity for young Indians; it’s an integral part of their lifestyle and financial planning. Through this report, our travel practice aims to support stakeholders in their endeavour to fulfill the emerging needs of this sector.”

Key Highlights

Spending drivers: Unique and exclusive experiences (63%), luxury and indulgence (61%), and tech-based travel (51%) are identified as primary triggers motivating young Indians to allocate higher budgets, underlining the significance of personalized and immersive travel experiences.

Destination preferences: The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia emerge as favoured destinations among young Indian travellers, with luxury experiences and adventure sports garnering significant interest, especially among the younger demographic (under 35).

Willingness to spend for ‘Unique Experiences’: A remarkable 42% of young Indian travellers are eager to invest more to transform their once-in-a-lifetime aspirations into immediate realities.

Preference for ‘Convenience and Wellness’: Convenience emerges as a priority, with 46% of young travellers willing to pay extra for hotel amenities that enhance convenience, while 48% prioritise eco-conscious health and wellness programmes, reflecting a balanced consideration of sustainability and comfort.

“As global dynamics shift and travel preferences evolve, Indian travellers are poised to shape the future of global tourism,” said Debbie Flynn, Global Travel Lead at FINN Partners.

“Our latest insights reveal that building lasting relationships with travellers now can lead to decades of loyalty.

“We recommend seizing every opportunity to engage them with last-minute deals that spark spontaneity, unique attractions that promise unforgettable adventures, and ensuring every aspect of their journey enhances comfort and convenience.” – TradeArabia News Service

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