Doha, Qatar: Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail) launched full services on the Orange Line and Pink Line of Lusail Tram network yesterday.

All stations on the Orange Line are now fully operational with the opening of the new stations, including Naifa, Fox Hills - South, Downtown Lusail, Al Khayl Street, Fox Hills - North, Crescent Park - North, Rawdat Lusail, Erkiyah, Lusail Stadium, and Al Yasmeen.

The current service expansion also includes the opening of all Pink Line stations, starting from Legtaifiya and reaching Seef Lusail – North, excluding Al Sa’ad Plaza station, which will be announced to be operational at a later time.

The newly opened stations will give direct access to several key attractions in Lusail city including Al Seef area, Crescent Park, the Lusail Boulevard and Al Maha Island.

This expansion further supports the public transportation system in Lusail City, providing safe and sustainable transportation services.

On this occasion, Eng. Jassim Al Ansari, Chief of Program Delivery at Qatar Rail, said, “We are pleased to announce the expansion of Lusail Tram services in Lusail City through the completion of the operations for all Orange Line stations and the launch of the Pink Line.

“We have successfully completed the operational testing for the current phase, which represents a significant milestone and a qualitative leap in our journey towards developing the public transportation system in Lusail City. By providing high-standard and reliable transportation services for customers, we aim to meet the needs of Lusail City’s residents and visitors and enhance sustainable travel while reducing traffic congestion in the city.”

He added, “The expansion of Lusail Tram services reflects our commitment to achieving our vision of supporting Qatar’s efforts in providing an integrated and sustainable transportation system. We are proud of the efforts made by the teams working on this important project, and we look forward to continuing to enhance tram services, expanding their scope, and opening the remaining lines to serve the residents and visitors of Lusail City.”

The Lusail Tram network covers a distance of 19 kilometres and consists of four lines (Orange, Pink, Purple, and Turquoise), connecting various government offices, residential towers, leisure and sports facilities, avenues, marinas, and other major attractions across the city.

Without any additional fees, travel cards allow passengers to travel between the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram networks.

Passengers can use the interchange station, Legtaifiya, which currently connects the two networks, in addition to using accompanying services such as metrolink and metroexpress. Furthermore, customers must always remember to tap in and tap out using the validators onboard the tram.

The tram service operates during the same service hours as the Doha Metro: Saturday through Wednesday from 5:30am to 12midnight.

On Thursdays, the service runs from 5:30am to 1am, and on Fridays from 2pm to 1am.

For the first time, the services of the tram network will include the operation of at-grade stations and the tram moving alongside traffic and pedestrians in Lusail City. Since the start of operational testing for the tram network, Qatar Rail has coordinated with various partners in the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Interior to conduct awareness campaigns aimed at introducing the tram system and emphasising the importance of pedestrians and drivers adhering to traffic safety guidelines, signs, and signals.

Eng. Ahmed Al Saleh, Senior Project Director – Lusail Tram, said, “At Qatar Rail, operating trams on Lusail streets can present significant road safety challenges. As a result, we’ve joined forces with our partners to initiate awareness campaigns focused on promoting road safety and responsible interaction with tram trains in Lusail City. This is particularly important considering that the tram system differs from other vehicles on the road. Trams run on fixed tracks at a steady speed and cannot stop as quickly as cars.”

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