DUBAI - Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with Sky Blue Media granting the latter the exclusive rights to manage outdoor advertising on the former’s public bus fleet and related facilities for five years.

Under the agreement, Sky Blue Media will manage the planning, design, operation, and marketing of advertising spaces across all the RTA's public bus facilities in Dubai over five years.

It also highlights the RTA's commitment to boosting its strategic ties with the private sector and offering lucrative investment opportunities for businesses, enabling them to market and advertise via the RTA’s assets.

The agreement entitles Sky Blue Media to full management and representation rights of advertising spaces across the RTA’s public bus fleet and facilities, encompassing 1,400 public buses, 22 bus stations, 741 bus stands, and 523 dedicated advertising spaces within bus facilities.

Commenting on the agreement, Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the Public Transport Agency at the RTA, said, “This type of strategic agreement offers long-term investment opportunities for businesses to associate their brands with Dubai's progressive growth. Moreover, bus station facilities offer a strong promotional platform due to the influx of hundreds of thousands of riders every day.”

"The RTA’s public bus facilities and fleet constitute highly advanced advertising platforms for local and international companies and entities looking to promote and market their products, services, and solutions across diverse economic and commercial sectors,” he added.

Dato' Manikandamurthy Velayoudam, Managing Director of Sky Blue Media, said, “This partnership represents a key milestone for both Sky Blue Media and Dubai's advertising landscape. We are fully prepared to introduce innovative digital solutions and state-of-the-art advertising technologies to redefine the out-of-home advertising industry.”

“We are thrilled to demonstrate our digital expertise, establish effective communication with advertisers, and initiate impactful advertising campaigns that resonate with the diverse cultural backgrounds of the city's residents," he added.