Abu Dhabi-listed Emirates Driving Company (EDC) has started testing self-driving buses made by Estonian company Auve Tech.

The eight-seater buses were unveiled in the UAE capital following an announcement at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week last month.

Manufacturers Auve Tech developed the first hydrogen powered autonomous vehicle (AV) in partnership with Talinn University.

Hydrogen vehicles use compressed hydrogen gas to create electrical energy, emitting only heat and water.

The Auve shuttles are already operating in 13 countries and can run for nine hours at a time with speeds of around 25kmph.

EDC CEO Khalid Al Shemeili, CEO of the part state-owned EDC, said the buses would be tested to ensure adequacy for the UAE’s hot summers. He said: “Our partnership with Auve Tech is a huge step forward towards our mission of creating safer roads across Abu Dhabi.

“The autonomous buses offer a significantly safer method of driving, and the fact they are powered by electricity and hydrogen vastly reduces their contribution towards climate change.”

(Writing by Imogen Lillywhite; editing by Daniel Luiz)