DUBAI - Dario Gil, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research, highlighted the crucial role of prioritising artificial intelligence (AI) in government work during the recently concluded World Governments Summit (WGS). He emphasised the summit's significance as a platform to address the world's most pressing technological challenges.

The growing emphasis on science and technology, now on par with fields like trade, underscored the success of WGS in bringing together governments, private entities, and academia to tackle vital societal issues.

In statements to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) during WGS, the Director of IBM Research identified AI as one of the most transformative elements impacting government work.

He outlined three key dimensions where AI empowers governments: firstly, there are wide opportunities to use technology and make government work better by providing services to the community. Secondly, governments can leverage AI to nurture education and support research in this critical field. Thirdly, promoting governance and innovation, noting that through these three dimensions, prioritising artificial intelligence in governmental work is extremely necessary.