Shanghai – Huawei Egypt’s Vice President of the Technology Sector and Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Mohamed Madkour, said that the company is working with the Egyptian government as a strategic partner to achieve the development and digital transformation goals by bringing modern technology to the Egyptian market in various sectors, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and others. These technologies are aligned with the Egyptian vision of achieving development in 2030.

He said that the Egyptian market is huge and promising, with many growth opportunities in different sectors, as it is undergoing digital transformation in areas such as transportation, ports, energy, and petroleum. Madkour explained that the foundation of digital transformation is the availability of technological infrastructure, which the company is implementing in collaboration with different ministries and government agencies. This infrastructure will enable digital transformation in various fields. He said that after building a strong infrastructure, the next step is to establish powerful data centers that will host digital services. Then, modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing will be integrated into the data centers, to improve the performance of applications and digital services. He explained that it is now necessary to work on mechanisms to adapt artificial intelligence services to serve the development goals and those related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

He stressed that the Fourth Industrial Revolution was not only about mechanization but also about using modern technologies such as artificial intelligence. He explained that the path to reaching the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not difficult, but gradual. It requires mastering the skills and technologies needed to advance in parallel with the requirements of the industrial revolution.

He said that skipping the steps without preparing for the basics may lead to many challenges and obstacles. He explained that the issue is not only related to technology but also to qualified technical personnel to manage technology. He said that there is a gap between providing trained human resources and modern technologies, as technology is developing rapidly. He gave an example that some countries are currently using artificial intelligence to serve specific applications in the fields of transportation, ports, and mining.

On the other hand, some countries are just beginning to learn what artificial intelligence is. This has created a gap between human resources and available technologies. He praised the initiatives undertaken by the Egyptian government, such as the Digital Cubs of Egypt and the Builders of Digital Egypt, in preparing qualified cadres from a young age. He noted that this is beneficial in both ways, whether in serving the development goals internally and involving them in society, or supporting the national economy by working abroad and providing hard currency.

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