Abu Dhabi’s leading artificial intelligence firm G42 is partnering with Kenya’s EcoCloud to develop a mega data centre powered by geothermal energy.

Located in Kenya's geothermal-rich region, the EcoCloud-G42 mega data centre will have an initial capacity of 100 megawatts, with the potential to build up to 1 gigawatts, the Abu Dhabi Media Office said in a statement on Friday.

The agreement was signed by Peng Xiao, Group CEO of G42 and Amos Siwoi, CEO of EcoCloud, in the presence of President William Ruto and Dr Salim Alnaqbi, UAE Ambassador to Kenya.

The initiative will build Kenya’s digital infrastructure and set the foundation for an ecosystem that includes cloud services and artificial intelligence to provide economic opportunities, stimulate innovation, and drive the digital economy forward, according to the statement.

Kenya is the world’s eighth top producer of geothermal energy and its Rift Valley region has more geothermal power capacity under construction than any other country. The country plans to double overall geothermal power output by 2030.

(Writing by Brinda Darasha; editing by Daniel Luiz)