The UAE on Saturday (September 30) announced the retail fuel prices for the month of September. The fuel price committee increased the retail rates for Super 98, Special 95, and E-Plus 91 by around 3 fils per litre from the month of October.

Here are the latest petrol prices for August:

CategoryPrice per litre (October)Price per litre (September)Difference
Super 98 petrolDh3.44Dh3.422 fils
Special 95 petrolDh3.33Dh3.312 fils
E-plus 91 petrolDh3.26Dh3.233 fils

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, getting a full tank of petrol in October will cost you between Dh1.53 and Dh8.32 more than last month.

Here is a breakdown of how much it would cost to get your vehicle fully fuelled up compared to last month.

Compact cars

Average fuel tank capacity: 51 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (October)Full tank cost (September)
Super 98 petrolDh175.44Dh174.42
Special 95 petrolDh169.83Dh168.81
E-plus 91 petrolDh166.26Dh164.73


Average fuel tank capacity: 62 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (October)Full tank cost (September)
Super 98 petrolDh213.28Dh212.04
Special 95 petrolDh206.46Dh205.22
E-plus 91 petrolDh202.12Dh200.26


Average fuel tank capacity: 74 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (October)Full tank cost (September)
Super 98 petrolDh254.56Dh246.24
Special 95 petrolDh246.42Dh238.32
E-plus 91 petrolDh241.24Dh232.56


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