RIYADH — People in Saudi Arabia have spent SR10,191,094,000 through the point-of-sale (POS) from Aug. 14 to 22, the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) announced.

SAMA stated that SR10,191,094,000 hase been spent via 138,608,000 transactions, compared to the previous period, as it amounted at that time to SR10,302,193,000.

According to SAMA's weekly bulletin for the POS, it has shown that people have spent SR700,145,000 in clothes and shoes, via 4,462,000 transactions, while they spent SR170,818,000 in jewelry, through 189,000 transactions.

On furniture, they spent about SR285,937,000, through 927,000 transactions, and SR237,829,000 was spent on electronic and electrical devices via 715,000 transactions.

SAMA said that through 6,147,000 transactions, people has spent SR650,677,000 on the health sector, while they spent about SR267,325,000 in education, via 85,000 transactions.

Through 1.806.000 transactions, people have spent SR251.852.000 in entertainment and culture, and via 39,821,000 transactions, people have spent SR1,497,832,000 in restaurants and cafes, and SR1,410,452,000 has been spent in food and beverages via 32,607.000 transactions.

During a week, people spent SR356,646,000 in building and construction materials, via 1,065,000 transactions, while through 1,914,000 transactions, they have spent SR620,336,000 in transport, and SR658,670,000 they spent via 11,738,000 transactions in gas stations.

SAMA' weekly bulletin showed that, people have spent during one week about SR303,486,000 in hotels, via 793,000 transactions, while they spent SR90,852,000, through 1,165,000 transactions in public benefits.

As of telecommunications, people in Saudi Arabia spent about SR80,247,000, through 399,000 transactions, and SR1,102,792,000, via 17,172,000 transactions on miscellaneous goods and services, while the number of other transactions reached 17,601,000 and amounted to SR1,505,199,000.

With regard to Saudi Arabia' cities, SAMA stated that people in the capital, Riyadh, have spent about SR3,069,848,000 via 36,248,000 transactions, and in Makkah it reached SR422,148,000, via 5,950,000 transactions.

People in Madinah spent SR402,515,000 in a week, via 6,138,000 transactions, and people spent in Tabuk SR169,538,000, via 2,788,000 transactions, and through 2,495,000 transactions, people in Hail spent SR157,892,000.

In Abha, people spent about SR216,119,000, via 3,185,000 transactions, SR242,778,000, through 3,234,000 transactions in Buraidah, and SR293,825,000, via 3,015,000 transactions in Al-Khobar.

In Dammam, people spent SR526,234,000, through 6,100,000 transactions, and via 19,514,000 transactions, people in Jeddah have spent SR1,616,782,000. SAMA noted that people in other cities have spent SR3,073,415,000 in a week, via 49,940,000 transactions.

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