15 January 2016
WITH over 100 products being exhibited by 75 leading companies, HVAC R expo attracted large number of visitors across the industry. The event, which is dedicated to the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, was held from Jan. 11-13 at the Jeddah Center for Forums and Events. Organized by MICE Arabia, in collaboration with DMG events group, the expo attracted big names from the industry including Carrier, which was the platinum sponsor of the event, LG, Samsung, York and Trane.

"The response has been overwhelming since there was a great need for an event to specifically address the needs of this industry because its fast moving, which requires customers to stay updated with the latest technology," said Jason Rizk, project manager of MICE Arabia. He added that feedback from exhibitors was extremely positive and they are already willing to come back next year. "Such events bring together expertise on one platform and that benefits the overall economy," Firas Abdul Latif, project manager of DMG group told Saudi Gazette.

Several interactive workshops covering diverse topics offered by experts from the field were organized in collaboration with Eurovent. The 3-day event was inaugurated by Mohi AlDin Yayhya Hakami, deputy secretary general of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) and offered latest products, training and education solutions for the Saudi HVACR industry, for which there is a proven demand due to the upcoming multi-billion dollar developments and mega projects.

According to analysts, demand for HVAC systems is estimated at $6.28 billion across GCC and Saudi Arabia with its extreme climatic conditions, growing population and high disposable incomes accounts for the largest share of HVAC systems in Gulf region and the third largest in the world. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is set for record growth in HVAC sector for the next five years and while traditional air-conditioning is a steadily growing market due to the climate, the Kingdom is highly receptive to new technologies and innovations for conservation of energy.

The highlight of the event was 'green energy', with companies stressing on innovative ideas for energy efficient consumption of products. Nadee Antar, managing director of OTIS and Climate, Controls and Security, said "Product development at Carrier focuses on innovation and energy efficiency. With the increase in oil prices and shift in fiscal policies, clients will be more vulnerable to energy efficient products."

He added that Carrier is the first company to join United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in order to promote green building opportunities in the Kingdom, which is known for having one of the world's highest per capita consumption rates of electricity. This initiative will help in reducing energy consumption throughout the entire lifecycle of its products and processes, leading the way to a greener future.

Albert Haykal, distribution sales leader of Trane company, told Saudi Gazette that the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP) which aims to set efficiency standards will provide added benefits to the industry, such as longer product life and reduced environmental impact. "The new regulations will be good for the Kingdom and will gradually eliminate non-efficient products," he said, adding that their company is investing 500 million dollars in their products all over the world to control emissions and reduce greenhouse effect by 2020.

The overall feedback from the exhibitors was extremely positive and owners of HVAC companies expressed joy in the fact that an event dedicated to their industry has helped them interact with specialized end users of their products. "The response has been amazing and I'm glad this platform enabled us to communicate with the 'right network' which is good for our business," said Jamal Jawhari, CEO of Safid Company.

Anwar. A. Hassan, VP field sales and operations of York said he has noticed high awareness and keen interest in products among visitors and hopes to come back next year.

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