Riyadh: Suwaidra farm in Al-Ahsa, a subsidiary of the Saudi Irrigation Organization, has become an aquaponics-certified farm, being officially granted a certificate of organic production (HY30006/SA) for leaf crops that attest to the farm's commitment to produce safe, quality crops by resorting to organic farming.

The organization said that aquaponics farms use fish farming water to irrigate crops in order to improve their quality, the production rate of fish and plants, preserve the natural resources, including 90% of the water for irrigation, compared to traditional farming, and avoid using pesticides or chemically produced fertilizers.

The organization said that the adoption of the aquaponics system is a sustainable practice that aims to improve the agricultural process, preserve natural resources, efficiently utilize the farming resources, and become an example for other farmers, thus striving to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.