Khalifa University of Science and Technology today announced it is joining with five German universities to host a workshop under the auspices of the German Emirati Institute (GEI) Technologies 4.0 to jointly identify and execute research projects mutually beneficial to the UAE and Germany.

The workshop will also focus on creating joint IPs and products, while seeking ways to expand academic cooperation.

The two-day workshop, co-hosted by Germany’s RWTH Aachen University, TUM Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, University of Applied Sciences Aachen, and Brandenburg University of Technology, will be held at Khalifa University Main Campus from 29th-30th January.

The workshop will offer an opportunity to utilise the skills of the participants to develop the most innovative products for the global market, enhance a new skill set, and thus create innovative jobs for the future.

Professor Sir John O’Reilly, President, Khalifa University, said, “We are delighted to partner with these five German universities to host this important workshop that will pave way for collaboration with German academia and industry for the mutual and external community benefits. Khalifa University strongly remains committed to not only research and innovation and taking it forward through commercialisation to the benefit of the economy and society. Critically important for this is a culture of enterprise, recognising the importance of Intellect and Property and realising the opportunity it brings. But also goes the extra mile to focus on commercialising IPs and fulfilling entrepreneurship opportunities. We believe this workshop in bringing together Khalifa University with these partner German universities will enable us to identify and draw together our strengths in research, innovation, and enterprise to mutual benefit, as this will highlight the status of Khalifa University’s advanced academic and scientific research as well as the latest technologies and innovation from the German universities that will be the cornerstone of this collaboration.”

Bernhard Randerath, CEO German Emirati Institute, said, “The German Emirati Institute is proud to coordinate the cooperation between the Khalifa University and five selected top leading Universities in Germany. This is a substantial milestone of an upcoming strong partnership to establish new research projects and to jointly develop IPs in the field of new Technologies 4.0. The cooperation also promotes to extend a collaboration with leading industries to develop outstanding sustainable 4.0 products. This approach is as well largely based on the multidisciplinary training and education of Young Professionals between Germany and the UAE.”