DUBAI - With the commencement of the COP28 at Expo City Dubai, the Greening Education Hub – (Erth), launched by the Ministry of Education under the title "Legacy from the Land of Zayed" attracted visitors keen to explore sustainability concepts presented by participating institutions.

The Greening Educational Hub, a partnership between the Ministry of Education and UNESCO, focuses on four pillars: Greening Schools, Greening Curriculum, Greening Capacities and Greening Communities.​

In the Greening Schools zone, visitors engaged in various discussions and awareness sessions related to education and climate. The Greening Schools zone showcased eco-friendly school and university models, providing interactive displays to enhance awareness of sustainability concepts.

In the Greening Capacities zone, visitors learned about the role of educational institutions in adopting a comprehensive approach to enhancing climate adaptation capabilities. Also, they were briefed on the efforts to integrate climate, environmental, and sustainable development topics into curricula.

The Greening Communities zone housed a range of community initiatives aiming to promote sustainable practices in education. Successful models of partnerships between schools and communities supporting sustainable development goals were emphasised.

The Ministry of Education announced the organisation of approximately 46 dialogue sessions in collaboration with over 40 global partners. Over 30 events and projects on education and climate issues will be organised throughout the climate conference.

The Ministry anticipates hosting over 1,000 daily visitors and 500 students, surpassing an expected total attendance of 18,000 participants during the conference. This underscores the global interest in the role of education in sustainability issues.