Al Jaber: NMC to develop comprehensive national media strategy to imporve the industry


ABU DHABI, 23rd June 2015 (WAM) -- Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Media Council (NMC), has said that the NMC will be building on previous achievements to continue the process of modernisation and development as the UAE already ranks high on global competitiveness indices.

During a meeting with the executive directors of the NMC, Al Jaber underscored the importance of enhancing the role of the NMC as a national authority for developing and enhancing the media sector in line with the directives of the wise leadership. Al Jaber said the leadership prioritises the media based on its belief in the responsibility and importance of this sector and the remarkable stature of the UAE in various spheres.

Mr. Al Jaber said, "Based on the Cabinet's decision about the organisational structure of the National Media Council, we will develop a comprehensive strategy and specific goals that contribute towards improving the mechanisms of work in this sector as well as enhance its stature and pivotal role in getting across the message of the UAE to peoples of the world." The Cabinet approved a resolution appointing Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Al Abed as Advisor to the Board of Directors of the NMC. Based on this, the chairman of the board of directors has decided to assign him to oversee Emirates News Agency (WAM). The board also decided to appoint Mr. Mansour Ibrahim Ahmed Al Mansouri as Acting Director General of the National Media Council.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the demands and priorities of the coming stage and the set targets as well as a number of other matters relating to the work of the NMC.

Minister Al Jaber added, "The media sector is vulnerable to events and developments. In order to succeed and achieve excellence, we must double our efforts, embrace the approach of continuous coordination and development in order to enable the national media to keep pace with progress and development taking place in the UAE. All of us are proud of the UAE's successes and achievements in various spheres and sectors. Through the media, we also should continue to work on bolstering the UAE's outstanding regional and international stature." He added, "In line with the directives of the leadership, the NMC will focus on supporting, motivating and developing national media capabilities and resources, and will continue to work towards promoting the reputation and positive image of the UAE in all spheres and projecting its civilisational, economic and humanitarian achievements." Al Jaber praised the previous achievements of the NMC as a leading example of professionalism that promoted the national responsibility of the Emirati media. He said, "The NMC accomplished all its tasks in an efficient way, contributing to the qualitative leaps that the Emirati media has taken. We, in the new Board of Directors, will spare no effort to work and collaborate with all relevant media authorities to enhance the competitiveness of Emirati media amid the technological changes taking place in today's world." The National Media Council is the regulatory body of the media in the UAE. It also plays a role in developing national media and coordinating media policies in the UAE based on a specified strategy.

The NMC will develop media regulations and legislation to ensure better performance and will take special interest in drawing up an effective strategy to keep pace with developments in the media industry, digital media and social networking platforms in particular.

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