In a bid to address the growing challenges of unemployment and meet the evolving demands of the modern workforce, Representative Daoud Marafi has unveiled a comprehensive proposal advocating for the implementation of remote work practices within Kuwaiti government institutions.

Highlighting the surge in job applicants and recent graduates alongside the escalating rates of youth unemployment, Marafi emphasized the global shift towards technological dependence, particularly in facilitating remote work. The proposal aims to bridge the gap between the increasing demand for jobs and the limited opportunities available to young Kuwaitis.

Marafi underscored the pivotal role of technological advancements in private institutions and companies, shedding light on their ability to alleviate financial burdens associated with physical workspaces, employee presence, and related operational costs. By embracing remote work, Marafi believes the government can significantly reduce financial constraints, optimize budget allocations, and create employment prospects for graduates and aspiring young professionals.

The proposal suggests a paradigm shift in government institutions, aligning their operations with contemporary work dynamics. The goal is to streamline finances by diminishing the need for extensive office space, cutting certain allowances, and reducing infrastructure costs, such as those associated with roads and related facilities. Simultaneously, this initiative aims to open doors for job opportunities, offering a viable solution for graduates and young individuals eager to kickstart their careers.

Under Marafi’s plan, government appointments and roles within affiliated bodies would transition to remote positions. Employees would be assigned tasks to be completed using technology means, with a basic monthly salary provided, excluding specific allowances tied to physical presence. The proposal further allows existing employees to shift to remote roles as determined necessary by the relevant authorities.

Representative Daoud Marafi envisions his proposal as a transformative step towards adapting Kuwait’s government institutions to the evolving dynamics of the workforce, promoting efficiency, and financial prudence, and fostering opportunities for the nation’s youth.

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