Kuwait Finance House (KFH) successfully concluded its Forssah program, designed to attract and develop high-achieving Kuwaiti graduates. The program equips participants with the technical and practical skills they need through its specialized tracks in Forssah Tech and Forssah Business.

KFH’s Executive Management attended the closing and honoring ceremony, including Group Chief Human Resources and Transformation Officer, Zeyad Abdullah AlOmar and Group Chief Technology, Digital Transformation and PMO Officer, Haytham Alterkait. Other KFH officials were also present.

Through a collaboration with CODED Academy, EMERITUS Training, and KTech Institute for Private Training, 39 KFH employees participated in the Forssah program this year. The rigorous six-month program included a combination of theoretical and practical workshops and training, designed to develop the employees’ technical and business skills to make them well-rounded professionals.

Group Chief Human Resources and Transformation Officer, Zeyad AlOmar, emphasized KFH’s wealth of expertise across various fields and its commitment to supporting and developing its talented employees at all levels. He highlighted the Forssah program as a key initiative with significant potential to positively impact participants.

“We were committed to ensuring the program incorporated the latest information technology and its applications in banking, reflecting KFH’s position as a world-leading Islamic financial institution. This strengthens trainee capabilities while enhancing the bank’s performance, allowing us to maintain KFH’s leadership locally and globally,” AlOmar added.

He emphasized the significant contribution of the Forssah program, launched by KFH in 2009. This program, featuring comprehensive training programs, has fostered the development of a highly skilled generation of employees. Furthermore, Forssah undergoes continuous development to keep pace with the latest industry requirements, solidifying its position as an exemplary training path. AlOmar expressed his confidence that KFH’s investment in these training programs will yield significant benefits in the future.

Group Chief Technology, Digital Transformation and PMO Officer, Haytham Alterkait, emphasized KFH’s commitment to continuous employee training and development. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance employee expertise, contribute to both individual and organizational growth, and ultimately deliver exceptional customer service. He further highlighted that these programs foster creativity, cultivate future leaders, and equip them to navigate the evolving landscape of the times and labor market, ensuring KFH’s continued leadership.

Alterkait stressed the importance of empowering employees. He emphasized providing them with the necessary technological tools and motivating them to innovate and share their creative ideas. This is especially crucial in today’s era of rapid change and development, driven by advanced technology, digitization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data, and more.

Alterkait emphasized the importance of KFH’s employee training and development for enhancing customer experience. He explained that by equipping employees with the latest skills, KFH can innovate services that streamline customer interactions. This is especially crucial in today’s fast-paced environment, where ensuring a safe and high-quality customer experience requires continuous improvement.

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