MADINAH — The National Center for Vegetation Development and Combating Desertification in Saudi Arabia has revealed a substantial increase in the vegetation cover of the Madinah region by 360% over the past five months of 2023, from August to December.

This growth is attributed to the rainfall during this period.

Remote sensing data analysis indicated that the total vegetation cover area in Madinah reached 2,863.4 square kilometers in August 2023, which accounted for 1.9% of the total area of the region.

This area gradually expanded with the increase in rainfall, registering 13,194.5 square kilometers by the end of December 2023, covering 8.7% of the total area.

The vegetation is widespread across most governorates of the Madinah region, particularly concentrated in mountainous areas ranging between 1,000 to 1,300 meters in elevation in the western region, and in semi-flat areas in the east due to soil characteristics.

The vegetation cover is primarily located east of AlUla and Al-Hinakiyah governorates, north of Yanbu, Khaybar, and Badr, west of Madinah and Mahd Al-Dhahab, and centrally in Wadi Al-Far'a governorate.

The National Center is focused on studying and monitoring vegetation cover areas, overseeing changes at afforestation project sites, monitoring land cover and its changes, measuring rainfall and vegetation density, and assessing plant health.

This is achieved through the use of remote sensing technologies and artificial intelligence, contributing to the goals of afforestation projects and the Saudi Green Initiative.

The center aims to protect vegetation cover sites in the Kingdom, study all variables in green spaces, develop capabilities to prepare for and mitigate drought, as part of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program to achieve Saudi Vision 2030.

This aligns with Saudi Arabia's commitment to reducing the impacts of desertification and drought, and supervising pasture lands, forests, and national parks for sustainable use.

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