IN the event of an unexpected misfortune, Solidarity Bahrain’s Savings & Protection plans are designed to provide financial protection to cover essential expenses, outstanding loans and mortgages, and ongoing living costs for the family left behind. These plans also serve as crucial tools for long-term financial planning, ensuring that dependents are well cared for and continue to maintain their quality of life.Solidarity Bahrain offers a versatile range of Savings & Protection Plans with a variety of benefits and features to meet diverse financial needs.

These benefits include:l Long-term Financial Planning, to help you create and manage your legacy through building up a considerable cash value during your lifetime by committing to save regularly.l Choice of Investment Funds, offering investment strategies with varying risk exposures and growth potentials that match your risk appetite and tolerance.l Death Benefit, coverage that provides you with peace of mind that your dependents would be financially secure and able to maintain the same lifestyle in the unforeseen circumstance that you are no longer around.

Every person is unique and has their own set of wants and needs, and for that reason, Solidarity Bahrain’s Savings & Protection plans can be customised specifically to individual needs.For those prioritising education, the ‘education plan’ ensures systematic savings, guaranteeing financial support for children’s educational pursuits.Meanwhile, the ‘retirement plan’ addresses the concern of financial stability post-retirement, providing a structured approach to building a substantial nest egg.Solidarity Bahrain also offers a standalone ‘critical illness plan’, offering monetary support to ease any financial burden in the event of a critical illness like heart attack, cancer, and other illnesses.

For those seeking a comprehensive protection plan, Solidarity Bahrain offers options that encompass a wide range of benefits, including death benefit, critical illness coverage, total and permanent disability support, waiver of contribution, coverage for terminal illness, hospitalisation benefit, family income benefit, and accidental death benefit.Solidarity Bahrain’s Savings & Protection plans are more than just financial planning tools; they offer a range of benefits that are easily adaptable to changing circumstances, whether seeking to financially protect the family, plan for the future, or leave a lasting legacy.

Beyond these personalised solutions, Solidarity Bahrain empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions. Whether considering placing a life insurance policy or seeking expert guidance on legal and financial implications, Solidarity Bahrain ensures that wishes are honoured, and legacies are handled with special care.

Solidarity Bahrain stands as a reliable partner offering customisable life products that prioritise peace of mind and financial security. With an unwavering commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction, Solidarity Bahrain ensures that individuals are covered, no matter what life brings their way.n For more information and to receive a quote, visit or call Solidarity Bahrain on 17130000. For all the latest updates follow @insuringbahrain on facebook and instagram.

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