Riyadh: Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Deputy General Manager for Business Feras Abalkhail received a delegation from the Libyan Human Resources Development Fund headed by Chairman of the Board of Directors Fayez Ali Bouamran.

Leading officials from the HRDF attended the meeting held in the Saudi fund’s headquarters in Riyadh, discussing enhancing cooperation in human capital development.

The Libyan delegation was keen to familiarize themselves with the HRDF’s role in empowering and sustaining the workforce in the labor market.

The delegation also viewed the successful transformation journey of the Saudi fund, resulting in a new strategy, programs, and products. The Libyan delegation’s visit aims to exchange expertise with the HRDF.

During the meeting, Abalkhail emphasized the HRDF’s keenness to enhance cooperation and exchange expertise with the Libyan fund in the field of human capital development. Such a development should keep pace with the changes and developments in the private sector, embodying the growth and prosperity of the labor market in both countries, he added.

Abalkhail highlighted the comprehensive transformation journey that the HRDF has undergone, emanating from the activation of its new strategy in 2022 in integration with partners in the public and private sectors.

The strategy aims to achieve three main goals, including enhancing the national human capital development to meet the evolving demands of the labor market, Abalkhail said. The strategy also seeks to improve the alignment between supply and demand in the labor market and empower and sustain employment in the private sector, he added.

The strategy took into consideration the redesign of relevant programs into eight programs that include products designed to meet the needs of beneficiaries and provide a comprehensive beneficiary experience.

In addition, the HRDF is being digitally enabled through digital transformation, Abalkhail said, highlighting the establishment of the National Labor Observatory to become the main and trusted source of data and insights on the labor market in the Kingdom.

The strategy also seeks to achieve sustainable growth through research and behavioral interventions.

Abalkhail discussed the HRDF’s efforts in enhancing promising developmental partnerships in the sector in collaboration with various partners.

He praised the role of the Unified National Employment Platform (Jadarat) in empowering job seekers and facilitating their entry and integration into the labor market.

Abalkhail affirmed the HRDF commitment to providing high-quality programs and products to its beneficiaries, which recently resulted in obtaining ISO 9001 certifications in quality management system and customer satisfaction and service.

For his part, Bouamran affirmed that this visit stems from Libya’s eagerness to exchange experiences and expertise in the field of human capital development to empower and sustain the national workforce in the labor market. He highlighted the significance of exchanging expertise in this field to empower the workforce and the labor market in both countries.