The General Authority for Caring for the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Holy Mosque has provided a number of smart robots to serve visitors and Umrah performers at the Grand Mosque.

The sterilisation robot, one of the smart robots, sterilises all areas of the Grand Mosque. It is operated by an automated control system that is programmed over a mosque layout to improve the safety of environmental hygiene and analyse sterilisation requirements.

Additionally, the guidance robot helps pilgrims and Umrah performers perform rituals and answer fatwas and inquiries. It also provides simultaneous interpretation, arranges remote communication with preachers and offers instructions in many languages.

Finally, the robot dispensing Zamzam water bottles works without human intervention, distributing 30 bottles in one round, which lasts 10 minutes. The robot stands for twenty minutes to dispense the bottles without ‏hitting people or objects or hindering movement.