SITTING down with CTM360 chief executive Mirza Baig at the company’s panoramic headquarters in Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH) was a unique experience.

Driven by innovation, it is clear that CTM360’s story is more than building cybersecurity technologies; it’s about challenging stereotypes, empowering people and reshaping global cybersecurity practices, whilst maximising the potential of big data and cutting-edge technologies.

Proudly built in Bahrain and carrying the slogan of “Cybersecurity from Bahrain to the World”, CTM360 houses all development and operations within the kingdom. This focus on scalable platforms in emerging technologies has earned recognition from industry leaders such as Gartner, Forrester, and Frost & Sullivan.

From its Bahrain roots to a global stage, CTM360’s journey showcases its dedication to cybersecurity excellence, driven by the vision of developing world-class cybersecurity technologies from the Arab world. Additionally, what truly stands out here is the company’s unwavering focus on its people, a principle evident throughout its rise on the world stage.

Mr Baig’s passion for nurturing young talent echoes throughout CTM360 with Bahrain graduates claiming around 80 per cent of the company’s employee demographic. It’s not only about pioneering cybersecurity solutions; it’s about fostering innovation and opportunities for emerging minds, influencing the industry.

CTM360’s diverse workforce is not simply a number; it reflects the company’s dedication to inclusivity and meritocracy. With a significant presence of women in senior roles, CTM360’s progressive stance breaks barriers, creating a workplace where talent surpasses gender biases.

At the heart of CTM360’s success is its drive to showcase Bahrain’s role in cybersecurity on a global scale. This vision is propelled by utilising the skill sets of fresh graduates and their commitment to a diverse, inclusive environment.

Reshaping the cybersecurity landscape with a wide range of innovative technologies, CTM360 has built a suite of interconnected SaaS platforms. Offered as a fully managed technology platform in the cloud, CTM360 operates as a Big Data company with a broad global view.

More than a decade ago, Mr Baig envisaged building a consolidated security platform to provide complete external coverage, to allow public and private institutions to fast-track cyber resilience, whilst minimising risk and expediting threat detection and remediation. Today, tech-heavy CTM360 boasts a plethora of platforms, with some notable ones being HackerView (EASM), CyberBlindspot (DRPS), VendorControls (GRC), ThreatCover (CTI), DMARC360 (DMARC), CIRU (takedown) and more.

Expanding its global influence, CTM360 is utilised by a wide range of customers, ranging from central banks and sovereign wealth funds, to private equity and industrial giants.

CTM360 proudly serves 350+ institutions across 30 countries, including 35+ of the top 50 GCC Banks, and partnering with 250+ global financial institutions.

Mr Baig’s leadership isn’t simply about steering a company; it’s about leaving a lasting mark on the global cybersecurity stage. CTM360’s story of resilience and innovation continues, with the belief that building a world-class platform with a global constituency is very possible from Bahrain.

Amidst a dynamic cyber and technology landscape, CTM360 is a narrative of cybersecurity excellence coupled with nurturing local talent and fostering diversity. CTM360 is not only a leader in its field but also serves as a beacon of progressive leadership redefining the future of cybersecurity, domestically and globally.

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