Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa presented to Parliament yesterday the 2023-2026 Government Action Plan under the theme “From Recovery to Sustainable Development”.

The four-year roadmap focuses on three priorities and 10 goals implemented through several initiatives distributed over five policy pillars.

Shaikh Khalid said the plan includes projects that boost comprehensive development and improve the quality of services by providing them sustainably, competitively and fairly.

“Therefore, this plan consists of 10 goals and three priorities that will be implemented through several initiatives distributed over five policy pillars,” he added.

The Deputy Premier said the objectives, priorities and themes of the plan were contained in the letter of assignment issued by His Majesty King Hamad in his speech during the opening of the first ordinary session of the sixth legislative term.

“This is a roadmap for what we will share, and what we will bear as common national responsibilities during the next four years.”

Shaikh Khalid pointed out that the action plan required setting up priorities accurately and arranging them optimally.

“The plan also embodies the summary of a series of workshops in which the executive body of the government apparatus at all levels participated and which were held under the title Future Aspirations.

“Hence, the government affirms that it will continue to play its role of enhancing the security and stability of society.”

“We will also consolidate the freedoms of members of society and protect their rights, developing legislation that keeps pace with the comprehensive development process, ensuring the sustainability of infrastructure.

“We will focus on initiatives and projects that enhance food security levels, working to confront climate change and preserve the environment, enabling procedures that attract investment, achieving financial sustainability and economic stability.

“The government will also seek to improve the performance of education and training, raising the effectiveness of this system and directing its positive results to raise the standard of living, providing innovative housing solutions in partnership with the private sector to meet the needs of citizens.

“In addition, we will work towards ensuring the provision of quality and efficient health services, supporting the youth and sports sectors, developing social services by working to raise the efficiency of government support and directing it to those who deserve it, spreading awareness and promoting culture through the media, encouraging government cadres and developing their capabilities, and supporting all efforts to promote digital transformation in government procedures and services.”

Shaikh Khalid urged co-operation to make the plan successful.

“We wish success to legislators to achieve the aspirations of Bahraini citizens who are the focus of development and its main goal.”

Meanwhile, Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al Musallam stressed Bahrain is moving forward with sincere determination and an inclusive national will, in light of the comprehensive development process under the leadership.

“The meeting today confirms the continuation of work and achievement in implementing royal directives to achieve the aspirations of citizens who participated in the legislative and municipal electoral process,” he said.

“We support government efforts to continue implementing all economic recovery plans and financial balance programmes and directing their positive results for the benefit of the country and citizens, in a way that enhances the raising of living standards for the Bahraini family.‎

The 2023-2026 Government Action Plan

Three priorities:

Security, stability and fairness;

Economic recovery and sustainable development;

Competitive and quality government service.

10 Goals:

Creating more quality opportunities for citizens in a fields;

Establishing community security that supports development and prosperity efforts;

Developing the efficiency of social support programmes and directing to citizens in need;

Supporting efforts for comprehensive development through transformation into a productive and prosperous economy;

Continuing efforts to achieve the goals of the Fiscal Balancing Programme;

Building on the foundations of partnership with the private sector and enhancing it towards achieving further comprehensive development;

Protecting sources and natural resources and supporting international efforts to confront climate change;

Continuation of work to develop performance and quality of government services and its sustainability;

Enhancing Bahraini women’s progression and contribution in public life and to the nation's economy;

Providing the youth sector with the necessary support to enable it to increase its participation in development and achievement.

Five policy pillars:

Sovereign and legislative;

Infrastructure and environment;

Economic recovery and financial sustainability;

Community services;

Government performance and digital transformation

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