The countries in the GCC region are situated in the most desert environments in the world, which makes resources and drinkable water crucial necessities.

While there are 157 desalination plants in the region, including eight in Kuwait, the past two decades saw an increase in salinity, which would pose as a threat if levels exceeded 55 percent.

The percentage posed a threat to countries in the region with the average drinkable water consumption exceeding 295 liters per person, which a high global consumption rate, according to GCC Statistical Center in one of its previous reports.

In addition, climate change is another factor that must push countries in the region to address the situation to safeguard this vital resource.

In this regard, KUNA spoke to vice dean for scientific, research, and higher education affairs at Kuwait University's (KU) college of life sciences Dr. Badr Al-Enezi who said that there were several factors leading to the increase in salinity in regional waters.

The academic revealed that the traditional desalination process in of itself caused the rise in salinity, he claimed, noting that it was important to find alternatives to older technologies due to the current process producing more salt and pollutants.

He added that the water sanitation system was also a culprit, pointing out that byproducts of such stations on the coast increased the chances for algae and seaweed growth, which boosted oxygen levels in seawater.

On the salinity-level on the coastline of Kuwait, which stretched to around 200 kilometers, he said that it ranged around 45 to 50 percent, but warned of approaching 60, which would be a hazardous percentage.

Al-Enizi indicated that he worked with several entities in Kuwait and abroad, including Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), and through research he managed to produce three solution projects approved by the Environment Public Authority (EPA).

The projects included two new desalination technologies aimed decreasing salinity and protecting the environment at the same time.

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