US State Department Regional Spokesman Samuel Warburg has confirmed that Kuwait is an important ally of his country and their bilateral relations are developing significantly; highlighting his country’s appreciation for the constructive and effective role played by Kuwait, and it considers the latter a valuable partner in promoting peace and stability in the region, reports Al-Anba daily.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily, Warburg stressed that the United States does not put pressure on its partners and allies to adopt certain positions; as it respects open dialogue and the constructive exchange of ideas. He affirmed that his country is aware of differences between its viewpoints and those of its allies, but all of them strive to achieve peace and harmony in the region as a common goal. He added the United States of America takes a clear and firm position regarding Hamas’ operations, which pose a grave danger to the stability of the entire region. The violent act of Hamas on Oct 7 that harmed women, children, and innocent civilians is a blatant example of terrorist action hurting both the Palestinians and Israelis, he added

“We, in the United States, do not put pressure on our partners and allies to adopt certain positions; unlike some dictatorial regimes or terrorist groups in the region. We respect open dialogue and constructive exchange of ideas. Nevertheless, we believe that Hamas’ terrorism is harmful to the entire region. It is strange that no one has condemned the heinous terrorist acts carried out by this group. We understand that there could be differences in views between us and our allies, but at the end of the day, we all strive to achieve a common goal — peace and harmony in this region.

The United States remains committed to working with its partners to achieve this goal while maintaining mutual respect and constructive cooperation,” he asserted. He explained that the two-state solution is a permanent and just way of ending the conflict in the region, such that the Israelis and Palestinians live side by side in peace and security. He said achieving this solution requires cooperation and understanding among all parties involved; stressing this must come through negotiations and dialogue, not violence. He confirmed his country’s strong opposition to proposals that could lead to the displacement of the population of Gaza or change the geographical or demographic conditions in the region. “We believe in the right of the people of Gaza to return to their homes and land, and that any solution must respect their rights and preserve their dignity,” he added.

Asked if the position of the United States about the current situation in the Gaza Strip needs reconsideration and rapid intervention to resolve this issue and end the long-term conflict, he explained: “The United States is fully aware of the challenges and complexities associated with the situation in the Gaza Strip. We are deeply concerned about the loss of civilian lives and the destruction that has been happening there. We believe that the lasting and just solution to the conflict in the region lies in achieving a two-state solution, where Israelis and Palestinians live side by side in peace and security.” He also affirmed that the United States is keen on actively participating in the Manama Dialogue this year, which is being held under regional circumstances with many challenges.

“We greatly appreciate the Kingdom of Bahrain’s continued support for this important dialogue initiative, which reflects its firm commitment to spreading the values of dialogue and peaceful coexistence. Our participation this year is an affirmation of our deep commitment to the security and stability of the region, and to deepening the strategic partnership with Bahrain,” he emphasized. He then clarified that this participation is an opportunity to highlight the progress achieved within the framework of the Comprehensive Agreement on Security, Integration, and Prosperity between the two countries, which contributes to strengthening the foundations of security, stability, and well-being of the region. He stated that the United States believes Iran still plays a destabilizing role in the region.

“In fact, we designated a number of armed militias allied with Iran as terrorist organizations on Nov 17. This measure is a response to the support of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Quds Force for these militias through training, financing, and the provision of advanced weapons, including advanced and deadly unmanned aircraft systems. These Iranian-backed militias planned and supported attacks against American personnel. Therefore, we consider Iran the largest State sponsor of terrorism in the world. The United States is committed to making full use of all available tools to confront Iran’s support for terrorism and stop the terrorist attacks of Iranian-backed groups,” he concluded.

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