Kuwait's Scientific Center stated Thursday that it is committed to recycling and sorting waste based on its type, providing containers for electronic waste, paper waste, and clothing waste, all with the goal of preserving the environment.

Speaking to KUNA, the Center's General Manager Msaed Al-Yaseen said that the recycling program at the center is a key initiative to address the problem of plastic pollution, aiming to educate the community, particularly highlighting the risks it poses to marine life.

The center collaborates with various entities in the country to preserve the environment and achieve sustainable development goals by promoting environmental awareness through recycling programs and utilizing waste to generate economic returns for the state, he underlined.

Al-Yaseen clarified that in 2020, the center created a sculpture titled "The Last Catch," resembling the iconic Kuwaiti zubaidi fish, serving as a collection point for plastic bottles, promoting recycling to mitigate the environmental hazards of plastic pollution.

He mentioned that the sculpture was a collaboration with Kuwaiti artist Jassem Al-Nashmi under the center's sustainability program, an initiative that aims to enhance environmental preservation and awareness of pollution effects.

Plastic bottles are collected inside the fish-shaped sculpture and are regularly removed through a partnership between The Scientific Center and a local recycling company, he stated.

After collecting the plastic bottles, the company sorts, cuts, and washes them, transforming them into plastic pellets ready for use in various industries then exporting some of the processed material to other countries.

He emphasized that environmental cleanliness, particularly the oceans being free from plastic materials, is a global goal, pointing out that waste recycling and pollution control have become international demands due to the significant threat these materials pose to the seas and oceans.

He underscored the need to spread environmental awareness and community consciousness to preserve the environment from pollution risks, achieving environmental sustainability aligned with sustainable development goals.

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