Between Mars and Earth, the UAE is writing a new chapter of achievements in the space sector.

The world is waiting for the UAE's announcement of the historic success of Explorer Rashid, which is expected to land on the Moon at 20:40 in the Mare Frigoris in the previously discovered Atlas crater, to become the first Arab country and the fourth in the world to accomplish this achievement.

Last evening, the UAE announced a series of updates and new photos of the small Martian moon, "Deimos," which were taken by the three scientific devices of the Hope Probe during its passage through its closest point to the Moon, at a distance of only some 100 kilometres.

No country in the world has achieved two achievements of this magnitude in 24 hours, and the two locations are nearly 54.6 million kilometres apart.

Explorer Rashid is a valuable scientific addition to space sciences and is planned to conduct a thorough study of the Moon, including its soil, the thermal properties of its surface, its photoelectric effects, and other characteristics.

Explorer Rashid is set to land in an area that has yet to be discovered. Therefore, its data and photos will be new and of great value.

Meanwhile, the Hope Probe will focus on collecting data and monitoring observations that will facilitate research in the relationship between the upper and lower layers of the Martian atmosphere, which will enable the scientific community to have an accurate understanding of the climate and atmosphere of times at different times of the day.

The Emirati cadres who played a key role in the success of the Hope Probe and Explorer Rashid include nearly 200 engineers and researchers. Moreover, Explorer Rashid was 100 percent designed and constructed by Emiratis.