Muscat: A medical team specialised in organ transplantation at the Royal Hospital succeeded in performing the first autologous kidney transplantation for a patient in the Sultanate of Oman.

The patient had suffered severe bleeding during the cesarean section for childbirth, which required a partial hysterectomy, and later a complete hysterectomy, with complete damage to the left ureter of the kidney being discovered.

The patient underwent four surgical operations within days, which led to the removal of the damaged ureter and the placement of a catheter tube in the left kidney to drain urine. With the long period of her stay in intensive care, the medical staff faced a difficult challenge between two options: either removing the kidney or trying to save it.

The medical team decided to do their best to save the kidney, and in a bold move, they performed an autologous kidney transplant. The left kidney was removed along with a healthy portion of the ureter and re-implanted in the lower abdomen near the urinary bladder.

The operation, which took hours, was successful, as the kidney returned to functioning normally after a short recovery period, and the patient left the hospital within 4 days. Later tests confirmed that the kidney function was intact in its new location.

The team expressed its happiness with this achievement, which came after a long and arduous treatment journey for the patient, stressing the ability of health personnel to keep pace with the latest medical developments and instill hope in the souls of patients.

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