The Audit Bureau has uncovered that the Ministry of Finance neglected to collect or settle government debts amounting to 75.5 million dinars, violating budget implementation rules. The report for the fiscal year 2022/2023 also highlights a mere 5.3% collection rate of tax dues rolled over from previous years, totaling 342,834,142 dinars. The Ministry faces scrutiny for holding balances rolled over from previous fiscal years, including income tax dues of 193,800,914 dinars, breaching budget rules.

Moreover, the Bureau reveals that the Ministry failed to settle retained balances in the local current liabilities account, totaling 16 million dinars, and outstanding amounts in various credit accounts, violating budget implementation rules and circulars. The report emphasizes the Ministry’s lack of action in settling restricted amounts, amounting to 2 million Kuwaiti dinars in liabilities accounts. The Ministry also failed to adhere to Circular No. (1) of 2022 regarding closing accounts and preparing the final account.

In terms of government dues, the Bureau discovered recorded tax dues of 385,627,135 dinars without detailed explanations for non-settlement, breaching Ministry of Finance Circular No. (1) of 2022. The report urges adherence to financial instructions and demands clarification on reduced balances in the final account.

Regarding support for national workers, the Bureau discloses uncollected balances in the account of national labor support dues, reaching 107,144,040,000 dinars, in violation of budget implementation rules. Similarly, retained balances in the account of Zakat Law dues from previous years amounted to 13,937,395,000 Kuwaiti dinars, contravening budget rules. The Bureau calls for legal measures to ensure timely collection, preventing statute of limitations.

Key Observations:
■ Delay in collecting 75.5 million dinars government debt
■ 193.8 million dinars in uncollected income tax receivables
■ Only 5.3% of tax benefits (342.8 million dinars) received

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