DUBAI - The Japanese pavilion at COP28 showcased sustainable solutions for a range of climate challenges, transportation sector, energy and recycling.

Michihiro Kishimoto, Environment Strategy Director of the Global Environment Division at Hitachi, stated, “Through our innovation, we aim to apply solutions in the transportation sector using a rapid charging technology for public transport buses in Japanese cities without relying on traditional energy sources, with charging times not exceeding two minutes.”

Akihiko Nakano, President and CEO of SB Power, highlighted the development of a mechanism to reduce energy consumption through a smart application used by 3 million users. The app continuously monitors energy consumption, encourages users to participate in an energy consumption challenge, and rewards them with valuable prizes to promote positive behaviour in addressing energy waste and conservation.

Masatoshi Furukawa, Programme Manager of the Circular Economy Business Team at the JGC Holding Corporation, explained the role of sustainable innovation in recycling processes. He presented a sustainable solution at COP28 by introducing a system of chemical recycling technology for materials such as clothing and plastic containers. The materials are chemically processed using advanced technology and reused to manufacture new consumer products.