China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced on Sunday its plan to promote the development of more than 100 "beautiful bay" construction projects across various provinces this year.

Tailored plans for each bay will aim at enhancing marine pollution prevention and control, ecological protection and restoration, as well as the improvement of coastal shore environments. Eventually, it is aimed at building "beautiful bays" characterised by “clean water and beaches, bustling marine life, and peaceful coexistence between man and the sea.”

According to Global Times, the most recent monitoring findings indicate that the water quality of 102 bays across the country has shown remarkable improvement compared to the year 2022. This achievement has garnered growing appreciation among the public.

It is anticipated that by 2027, approximately 40 percent of the nation's 283 bays will undergo transformation into beautiful bays characterised by pristine water and beaches, thriving marine ecosystems, and harmonious coexistence between humanity and the sea.