US President Joe Biden has repeatedly emphasized the New American Doctrine on the South China Sea: that America's defense in favor of the Philippines is iron-clad. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has likewise also stressed a number of times that any armed attack against our country shall be deemed an attack against America.

The whole world knows today that China keeps on destabilizing the Asia-Pacific region and, by its illegal and immoral bullying of our vessels and fishermen, are increasing the tensions in the West Philippine Sea. The Philippine government adopts a policy of maximum tolerance. In the face of Beijing's blatant disrespect of the UN Convention on the Law of the Seas, and Xi Jinping's unabashed disregard of all international law, Manila is trying its very best to keep its cool and order its navy and coast guard to act with utmost professionalism. But such an attitude of perseverance and patience is approaching its limits.

China's continuing arrogance and its cavalier and condescending attitude towards the Philippines has led the US, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, supported by UK, Canada, the EU and the NATO, as well as majority of the ASEAN member states to consolidate their resources in preparation of a possible armed attack by China against the Philippines, which has proven itself by historical records and current policies, to be the most reliable and loyal ally of the Western Bloc in this region. An attack by Beijing against Manila is going to trigger a massive consolidation of the Western alliance in defense of our country and people.

For a number of times, Washington DC, through Secretary Blinken and its many officials and agencies, have declared consistently that China's palpable behavior against the Philippines has provoked a number of countries to declare openly their condemnation of Beijing's destabilizing initiatives and also proclaimed that these peace-loving nations and peoples are behind the Philippines. The US allies are unanimous in declaring that China's highly provocative and adversarial actions in the West Philippine sea pose a continuing and imminent threat to world peace as these reprehensible aggressions are destabilizing the security, disrupting the freedom of navigation and openly violating international law.

The US Secretary of State emphasized that China's repeated, unprovoked and highly irregular violations of the UNCLOS and its shameless bullying of the Philippines whose coast guard vessels and fishermen are being bombarded by super high powered water cannons, China's blatant and illegal blocking of Philippine vessels inside its own exclusive maritime zones have been seen by the whole world and, if Xi Jinping is true to his words, he should order his men to cease and desist from committing repeated violations of the legal rights of the Philippines as a sovereign nation and the dignity, freedom and human rights of the Filipinos.

China should be reminded again that, under the RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty, its continuous unlawful aggression and its relentless provocations against the Philippines are all considered an open and continuing challenge against Washington to unleash the full fury of its forces in defense of America's most faithful ally in Asia-Pacific. The earlier China comes to its senses, the better for all parties concerned.

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