Asset allocation is a major decision when it comes to investment returns in a public fund portfolio, even more so than security selection, for UAE investors, said Lakshmi Narayanan, Chairman, The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute.

The Global Wealth Conference 2024 that is being held in the U.K. has an emphasis on three core themes: sustainability, investor allocation, and innovation.

“The upcoming conference seeks to provide a platform to address these very themes, including innovation and sustainability when it comes to investing. Without generalizing too much, innovation when it comes to emerging sectors is an attractive proposition for the UAE, which is keen on diversifying its economy away from oil and gas,” Narayanan said.

The upcoming conference features a diverse lineup of speakers and sessions covering topics ranging from impact investing to green finance. “Events like GWC 2024 are designed to offer networking opportunities, thoughtful debate, and chances for partnerships when it comes to areas like impact investing and the greening of the global financial system. UAE businesses have the change to meet with other companies and investors from around the globe that could enhance their understanding of emerging trends, best practices, and innovative approaches to ESG integration and impact investing,” Narayanan said.

The UAE’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is a key driver of its transition towards a knowledge-based economy. “Collaborations at the Global Wealth Conference 2024 can play a crucial role in accelerating the growth of strategic sectors such as fintech, renewable energy, and sustainable infrastructure. By connecting with global innovators, investors, and thought leaders, UAE participants can identify new opportunities for collaboration, technology transfer, and co-creation. These partnerships will not only attract investment into the UAE’s innovation ecosystem but also facilitate the exchange of expertise and best practices, fuelling the growth of a vibrant and sustainable economy,” Narayanan said.

The conference offers exclusive networking opportunities with industry leaders and decision-makers from around the world. “To maximize the benefits of participation at GWC 2024, UAE delegates may want to actively engage in networking sessions, panel discussions, and one-on-one meetings with industry leaders and decision-makers. By showcasing the UAE’s compelling investment opportunities, progressive policies, and commitment to sustainability, participants can attract global partners and investors. They should also leverage the platform to share the UAE’s success stories, best practices, and thought leadership, thereby amplifying the nation’s influence in shaping global investment trends and policies,” Narayanan said.

The Global Wealth Conference 2024 platform can enable businesses from the UAE to deepen their knowledge and best practices when it comes to the integration of ESG and to sustainable investment practices. “We have curated an experience roster of speakers who will touch upon these very areas. Through targeted sessions and workshops, participants can gain valuable insights into best practices for ESG data management, risk assessment, and impact measurement. They can also learn from the experiences of leading international organizations,” Narayanan said.

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