DUBAI: Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, engaged in a fireside chat with Ahmed El-Ghandour, Founder of Da7ee7 (The Nerd), during the second Future Education Forum (FEF).

The FEF, organised by the Ministry of Education under the theme “The Future of Education – Education re-imagined”, took place on the third day of the World Governments Summit (WGS) 2024.

During their fireside chat, Dr. Al Falasi discussed with Ahmed El-Ghandour the launch of the Da7ee7 programme, known for simplifying science in Arabic. They highlighted the importance of non-traditional educational paths in delivering science and knowledge to the youth and how innovative methods encourage diverse groups to pursue learning in scientific and intellectual fields they are passionate about.

The conversation addressed the significance of tailoring educational models to fit the cultures of countries and societies. It delved into the role of self-learning in shaping learners' personalities and skills, compared to formal education. Additionally, it explored the influence of external factors, including social status and parental interest, on students' academic paths. The discussion also emphasised the impact of technological advancements and AI on educational systems.

During the session, Dr. Al Falasi previewed a trial version of the Ministry of Education’s AI Tutor application, tailored to the national curriculum, providing a private tutor that helps students grasp topics and lessons.

The FEF featured seven sessions, including high-level meetings, discussions and workshops, with over 50 speakers and 300 education specialists taking part.