SHARJAH - Sheraa, the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center, has partnered with Al Mamsha, an urban project by Alef Group, to provide a new initiative aimed at boosting the startup ecosystem in the UAE. This initiative is focused on F&B startups and SMBs, and selected applicants will be given the opportunity to expand their businesses with a prime location at Al Mamsha's Food & Beverage space, as well as access to contemporary facilities and resources.

Alef Group is offering successful applicants assistance with their "fit out" process, allowing startups to launch or expand their businesses with lower overheads. During the first year, only common and marketing charges will be the startups' responsibility, with no rental fee required.

The judging criteria will evaluate the concept's creativity and sustainability as a business, traction or proven success, feasibility of implementation with allocated resources, and the team's experience and skill set. The founder's experience in running an F&B business will also be considered.

By joining Sheraa and having a presence at Al Mamsha, F&B startups and SMBs can become part of a vibrant entrepreneurial hub, gain access to valuable resources, mentorship, and support, and tap into a diverse and dynamic community, ultimately leading to greater success and expansion. With the F&B industry's potential for growth and impact, it has become a popular platform for young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and contribute to the economy. Interested applicants can apply through the link provided by Sheraa.