Australia-based global engineering services giant Worley announced that it has been signed Framework Bridging Agreement for services in the Saudi giga project NEOM.

The agreement was inked with ENOWA, the energy and water subsidiary of NEOM, Worley said in a stock exchange statement

The statement said ENOWA is planning to create a sustainable supply and distribution of water and energy throughout the NEOM region.

Under the agreement, Worley will provide services for the development of low-carbon-electricity-powered facilities for water treatment, storage and distribution including seawater desalination, brine processing, pilot scale, testing, utility, offsite and storage facilities.

The sea water desalination facility is expected to supply up to 2 million cubic metres of desalinated water per day once operational, the statement said.

Worley will also provide first-of-its-kind brine beneficiation services to convert brine waste stream from desalination into saleable products such as gypsum, polyvinyl chloride, salt and magnesium, creating a circular economy from the brine waste, the statement said.

Brine conversion aims to minimise the environmental impact by ensuring brine waste from is not discharged into the sea, following NEOM’s ‘zero liquid discharge’ commitment.

The services will be executed by Advisian, Worley’s consulting business, the statement concluded.

“We are pleased that ENOWA has chosen Worley to support this first-of-its-kind seawater desalination project consistent with our purpose of delivering a more sustainable world,” said Chris Ashton, Chief Executive Officer of Worley.

(Writing by Senthil Palanisamy; Editing by Anoop Menon)