Nama Power and Water Procurement Company, the single buyer of power and water for all independent Power Plant/ Independent Water and Power Plants (IPP/IWPPs) within the Sultanate of Oman, has issued a legal consultancy services tender for Power 2027-2029 and Water 2027 procurement round.

‘PWP seeks proposals from interested parties to provide legal consultancy

services for the project and to advice on the best competitive tendering of the

project and preparation of all documents which are required,’ the company said in a notice published on its website.

The tender is available for purchase up to 15 January 2024, with a submission deadline of 12 February 2024.

Power 2027-2029, according to PWP’s ‘7 Year Statement 2023 – 2029’ refers to procurement round for new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that would begin operating in 2027.

“The overall capacity need for this procurement round will only be determined at a later point in time and following the outcome of the capacity  procurement framework review, outcome of Power 2024 procurement, demand developments, and considerations for supply via the Spot Market” the 7-Year Statement said. It indicated that similar to Power 2024, existing generators with expiring or expired P(W)PAs and participants in the Spot Market may be eligible to participate in this competition, subject to qualifications.

Power 2024 involves procurement round for new PPAs that would begin operating in 2024.

The Dhofar Water IWP 2027 round refers to additional capacity required to cover the deficit resulting from the expiration of Salalah IWPP, according to the Statement. The targeted capacity is around 68,000 cubic metres per day (m3/day) and may increase following the confirmation of Nama Dhofar Services on the future water capacity need.

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