MUSCAT: In a strategic move towards advancing green energy initiatives, an esteemed delegation from the Sultanate of Oman recently visited Germany, sparking discussions and cooperation opportunities in the realm of green hydrogen. Led by Oman's Minister of Energy and Minerals, Eng Salim Al Aufi, and Oman's Ambassador to Germany, Maitha al Mahrouqi, the delegation engaged in high-level talks with key industry players in Leipzig and Bad Lauchstädt.

The visit commenced with a meeting at the headquarters of VNG AG in Leipzig, where the Omani delegation, accompanied by representatives from regional companies, delved into discussions on hydrogen as an energy carrier and explored avenues for market expansion in Germany and Europe. Emphasising the transition towards green gases, particularly hydrogen, VNG AG's CEO, Ulf Heitmüller, highlighted the significance of international collaborations in driving the energy transition.

Amidst the discussions, the focus was on the hydrogen needs in the Central German region, Oman's potential to export green hydrogen, and technical aspects of hydrogen storage, including underground storage in salt caverns. The delegation also explored opportunities for enhanced cooperation between companies in Central Germany and Oman, aiming to leverage each other's strengths for mutual benefit.

In a post, VNG AG's CEO, Ulf Heitmüller, said "Oman is of particular interest with its great potential and ambitions to produce green hydrogen, especially for the decarbonisation of the industrial sector. As VNG, we are in the midst of an entrepreneurial transformation to actively shape the energy transition in eastern Germany from natural gas to green gases such as hydrogen and biogas. This requires international cooperation."

The Sultanate of Oman emerges as a key player in the production of green hydrogen, with a vision to drive decarbonisation in industrial sectors. Germany, recognising the need for hydrogen imports to meet future demands, eyes Oman as a valuable partner in ensuring regional energy security. The potential collaboration between the two nations holds promise for a sustainable energy future, bridging geographical gaps to meet growing energy needs.


"In the future, Germany will not be able to cover its hydrogen needs through domestic production alone, but will also be dependent on imports. The mutual exchange of experiences is therefore very valuable for us. Discussions with international partners, such as the Sultanate of Oman, are crucial for the success of the energy transition. This is the only way green hydrogen can be exported to Germany in the future," Ulf Heitmüller added.


Following their visit to Leipzig, the delegation toured the Energy Park in Bad Lauchstädt, where they gained insights into the ongoing developments of a pioneering green hydrogen project. The consortium, comprising leading industry players, is spearheading efforts to test the entire value chain of green hydrogen production on an industrial scale, encompassing generation, transportation, storage, and utilization in Saxony-Anhalt and Central Germany.



A key milestone in this endeavor was witnessed in November 2023 with the retrofitting of a natural gas pipeline for hydrogen transport, marking a significant stride towards green energy adoption. Furthermore, Germany's first green hydrogen supply contract with TotalEnergies Refinery Mitteldeutschland, scheduled for delivery by the end of 2025, underscores the tangible progress towards sustainable energy transitions.


The visit of the Omani delegation not only signifies a step towards international energy collaborations but also underscores the shared commitment of Oman and Germany towards a carbon-neutral future. With Oman's rich energy resources and Germany's expertise in energy transition, the partnership holds immense potential for driving innovative solutions in green hydrogen production and fostering sustainable energy practices on a global scale.

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