• He previously held the post of Deputy Chief Operating Officer after having served the business in various capacities.
  • Ajmal the unique farm-to-fragrance perfumery brand is available in 50-plus countries and across more than 300 retail outlets

Dubai, UAE: Ajmal Perfumes the seven-decade-old perfume connoisseur has taken a significant step forward in further strengthening its business and growing its influence across the perfumery industry has put into motion a leadership reset with the board passing a unanimous resolution to elevate Abdulla Amiruddin Ajmal as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Under his leadership, the pioneers in the world of scents are positioning the company for its next phase of growth. Abdulla’s recent election is a solid move ahead to drive expansion into target markets and capitalize on the rapidly growing industry. The current incumbent, patriarch, Mohamed Amiruddin Ajmal will steward the Ajmal Group as the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the Ajmal Group and assist in the transition.  Ajmal the unique farm-to-fragrance perfumery brand is available in 50-plus countries and across more than 300 retail outlets

In his previous stint as COO of Ajmal Perfumes, Abdulla with his exemplary leadership vision has contributed to growing the brand’s legacy multi-fold. Earlier the brand known for its oriental perfumery excellence is now a complete fragrance house. Owing to Abdulla’s strategic introduction, the brand continues to evolve to keep in tune with changing consumer preferences, ensuring Ajmal always stayed ahead of the times.

Having worked his way up and now having been appointed as CEO, Abdulla already had the experience of managing the company and the strategic planning for the expansion of the business in terms of both retail and distribution.

Commenting on his new role, Abdulla Ajmal said, “The value system set by my grandfather and founder Haji Ajmal Ali for over 70 successful years will continue to be my north star as I carry forward the empire.”

“I am extremely excited to take on the role of CEO of Ajmal Perfumes at a time when AI and innovation are revolutionizing the fragrance industry. In the past years, the company has demonstrated resilience to come out throughout difficult and uncertain times. In my new role, I am looking forward to introducing progressive strategies and innovative solutions to bring to light Ajmal’s vision to be a Global Essence,” he added.

Abdulla was born in Mumbai, India. In 1988, he moved with his family to the UAE. With the experience he gained in the UK, Abdulla returned to Dubai and further developed the French-aligned fragrance line within Ajmal Perfumes. With the intention of diversifying Ajmal’s clientele through an effective brand-positioning strategy, he introduced Ajmal Perfumes to more countries in the region and worldwide; and created a broader range of products for Ajmal Perfumes to evolve into a lifestyle brand.

Abdulla, a media-savvy personality, has appeared in the Arabian Business list of “100 Most Powerful Indians in the Gulf” for his work in helping build a modest family-run business into a multi-million-dollar corporate entity. He was nominated for the Asian Rising Star of the Year and was voted among the top 100 Indian business list by Forbes Middle East. Adding to his long list of accolades, was the award of the Retail ME Icon Trailblazers in August 2022.


About Ajmal Perfumes: 

Inspired by the glorious Orient, Ajmal began its perfumery journey with the world’s oldest form of fragrances – Perfume oils. Over the last 71 years, Ajmal has created a unique niche in the world of perfumery in the Middle East, as Producers | Manufacturers | Retailers & Distributor. Ajmal offers a plethora of fine Western and Oriental fragrances and is renowned for its expertise in bringing the most exquisite Oudh and Oudh-related products. Ajmal’s retail presence spans 300 + exclusive showrooms within the GCC and the world. 


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