Abdullah Omar Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of the Membership Transactions and Legal Services at the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), confirmed that the field of providing government services directed to customers from business owners and investors has become characterized by dynamism and the speed of changes, which requires efforts to enhance the efficiency, quality of services, the adoption of flexibility and proactivity, and the participation of customers in developing services.

He stated that under the directives of its Board of Directors, the Ajman Chamber is keen to develop its services system by adopting the best practices and standards followed locally and globally in the services provision field and applying the Global Star System for classifying services. The ACCI also seeks to implement a plan to upgrade its services continuously and to improve the experience of customers to increase happiness and positivity rates.

Al-Marzouqi explained that ACCI is constantly seeking the participation of the business community in developing its services in line with the aspirations of business owners and investors, through a set of communication channels, on top of which is the ACCI’s Call Center and Customer Happiness, which seeks to apply the Global Star Rating System standards so that the center provides an effective channel for direct communication with the Chamber's members who are the owners of the establishments and the community as a whole.

He added: "the "Eshaar" platform comes as one of the ACCI's solutions to communicate with the business community to monitor constructive ideas and proposals, as well as challenges and ways to address them, in addition to the "Fekrty” program available on the ACCI's website." The Chamber also seeks to communicate directly with its members through a series of visits to strengthen relations with establishments, in addition to enhancing the participation of the business community in the forums and meetings organized by the ACCI to exchange visions and ideas on improving the provision of services to enhance the values of integration and partnership and achieve proactivity in developing existing services and launching new ones.