• The destination workshop attracted 30 key trade stakeholders
  • Launch of a special magazine for this market “Discover Israel “an edition that will feature content in both Arabic and English

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Israel Ministry of Tourism successfully concluded a trade destination workshop in Dubai on 1st June that attracted over 30 key travel trade stakeholders in the market to explore the vibrant tourism offerings of Israel. The event concluded with a networking lunch and a lucky draw sponsored by the airline partner to the travel agents.

In the welcome speech, Her Excellency Ms. Liron Zaslansky – Consul General of the State of Israel in Dubai emphasized the importance of strengthening ties between Israel and the UAE through tourism. "This workshop was an excellent opportunity to showcase the diverse attractions of Israel and encourage more travellers from the UAE to explore our beautiful country," said Zaslansky.

The event highlighted an in-depth overview of Israel's top tourist destinations, including the bustling cityscape of Tel Aviv, the sacred landmarks of Jerusalem, the historical charm of Acre, the serene landscapes of Galilee and the stunning natural wonders from the serene beaches of the Mediterranean to the lowest point on earth- the Dead Sea.

Ms. Larissa Samoilovich, Director of new markets development, Israel Ministry of Tourism expressed her enthusiasm about the event, stating, "We are delighted to collaborate with partners to promote Israel a destination to travel in the UAE market. We look forward to welcoming UAE tourists to witness the wonders of our country like ancient archaeological sites, innovative technology hubs, we hope this platform was a good opportunity for travel professionals to encourage their clients to discover the magic of Israel. This year, our focus would be to introduce ‘Israel –Exactly like Nowhere Else”.

Israel Ministry of Tourism is promoting the country as a destination targeting families, FIT experiential travellers, religious and leisure travellers through various B2B and B2C activities like media and trade familiarization trips, roadshows, destination seminars, cooperation with travel trade and airlines.

As part of its wider promotional activities in this region, the Ministry of Tourism is all set to launch a special edition magazine for the UAE market called “Discover Israel” entailing content in English and Arabic this year. http://lishar.heavenly-u.co.il/magazines/UAE/2023/

About Israel’s tourism offerings:

Israel provides the perfect conditions to accommodate all UAE visitors, including halal food restaurants. The local Israeli Kosher food is halal-friendly and is liked by many tourists. Additionally, the country offers diverse family-oriented hotels and heritage sites which can be explored with the help of Arabic tour guides. The Israel Ministry of Tourism is responsible for the planning, development, and marketing policies in the tourism industry. Their primary aim is promoting Israel as a leading tourist destination worldwide.

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