The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), in collaboration with the Bahraini Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), held capacity-building workshops in Manama over three days on the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and BGP operations and security with participants from leading Internet service providers, telecom operators, and RIPE NCC members.

The workshops, hosted over 29-31 May 2023 by TRA Bahrain, delved into various topics, including IPv6 addressing plans, route reflectors, policy, filtering, route selection, and the crucial security aspects of the protocol. The workshops included interactive exercises designed to grow the expertise of attendees in these critical areas; IPv6 is essential for the future growth and scalability of the Internet, and the smooth operation of the Internet depends on secure and stable Internet routing (BGP).

Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) was also honoured by the RIPE NCC for its commitment and partnership. As a token of appreciation, TRA Bahrain was presented with a trophy in recognition of their efforts to support the RIPE NCC's capacity-building efforts for network operators in Bahrain.

Philip Marnick, General Manager of TRA Bahrain, expressed gratitude for this recognition saying, “We are proud to receive this recognition and remain committed to driving innovation and growth in the industry. We remain committed to our partnership with RIPE NCC and will continue investing in initiatives that empower operators and drive the sustainable progress of our digital infrastructure."

Mohamed Alnoaimi, Director of Technology & Networks Security at TRA Bahrain, also emphasized the significance of the workshops in enhancing the skills and knowledge of operators. He stated, "The capacity-building workshops conducted by RIPE NCC in collaboration with TRA Bahrain have been instrumental in equipping operators with the expertise needed to thrive in the ever-evolving Internet and its security landscape."

Chafic Chaya, RIPE NCC Regional Communications Manager, highlighted their commitment to facilitating sustainable development of the Internet and providing technical expertise on critical issues. Chaya thanked TRA Bahrain for their unwavering support, remarking, "We are grateful to TRA Bahrain for their continued support for the development and resilient growth of Bahrain's Internet and digital infrastructure.

As the Regional Internet Registry for the Middle East, Europe, and parts of Central Asia, the RIPE NCC provides technical expertise on the Internet and its infrastructure and supports awareness on issues of strategic importance, such as IPv6 implementation, network security, peering, and Internet governance issues, through workshops and other initiatives.

Efforts like these workshops highlight the importance of strong partnerships such as those between TRA Bahrain and the RIPE NCC in helping network operators develop a skilled workforce within the telecommunications and Internet industry. Equipping operators with the latest tools and insights drives the sustainable development of Internet infrastructure in Bahrain and across the wider region.

About the TRA

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain (TRA) is the official, independent body recognized by the Government of Bahrain for regulating the telecoms sector in Bahrain. TRA presides over licensing, regulation and policymaking, consumer protection, and technical operations.

About the RIPE NCC:

The RIPE NCC is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet through technical coordination in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. The most prominent activity of the RIPE NCC is to act as the Regional Internet Registry (RIR), providing global Internet resources and related services (IPv4, IPv6 and AS Numbers) to members in the RIPE NCC service region. The RIPE NCC also provides services for the benefit of the Internet community at large. The RIPE NCC operates from its main office in Amsterdam and from its regional office in Dubai.

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