The Moscow City Tourism Committee concluded a business mission in Dubai on February 7th to discuss primary tourism objectives and development between both countries, positioning Moscow as a top tourist destination.

The delegation from the Moscow City Tourism Committee consisted of representatives from major tour operators and the hospitality industry. They met with 113 members of local companies, government agencies, and other interested organizations to explore potential cooperation opportunities. Within the framework of the business mission, approximately 2,000 cooperation negotiations were concluded.

"We are committed to maintaining this relationship as the Gulf countries remain one of the most promising markets for inbound tourism to Moscow. Business guests enjoy experiencing the high level of hospitality and services in Moscow, as well as the city's carefully preserved historical heritage. We hope to see more of these business visitors return with their families to enjoy the leisure and beauty of the Russian capital," said Mr. Bulat Nurmukhanov, Head of the International Cooperation Division of the Moscow City Tourism Committee.

Bulat Nurmukhanov also noted that this business mission to the UAE signifies Moscow's commitment to strengthening its relationship with Middle Eastern countries and promoting tourism potential between both regions. The delegation is optimistic about the opportunities that may arise from these discussions and looks forward to fostering long-term partnerships with their counterparts in the UAE.

During the meeting, a presentation showcasing Moscow's tourism potential was conducted, highlighting the diverse array of activities available in the city. It was noted that group and family tourism were among the fast-growing and popular choices for UAE residents.

Earlier in 2023, the Moscow City Tourism Committee organized business missions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Kingdom of Bahrain, resulting in thousands of negotiations with partners from Middle Eastern countries.

These events aimed to develop tourism cooperation between the Moscow City Tourism Committee and the Gulf Countries, as well as strengthen business relations in the tourism industry.

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